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An Italian brand since 1950

Italbimbi: History of excellence

Italbimbi was born in Cremona  in the 50s  and produces knitwear dedicated to children.
Italbimbi focuses more and more on product differentiation encompassing the total look of a child: attention to the junior world, supported by great creativity and desire for innovation, led to the introduction of a wide range of articles in different tissues running along side the collections in tricot.  Since the year 2000 two new Home Brands have been developed: Oibò! and Juppalà, placed into two different sections of the market.

Our strengths

Craftsmanship skill and cutting edge techniques are the foundations of our 'Know How'.

An expert and dynamic team.

Research and development  of a constantly innovative design.

Raw materials of excellent quality.

An accurate and selected distribution oriented towards highly qualified shops.

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